George Jones Tribute - Introduction


Bert Sperling with George Jones

Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

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The album was born on a sunny summer day in July 2013 in Portland at the Deer Lodge.

Ezra and I were listening to vinyl records in the bar.  As we tend to do when it’s just me and him in there, in the off-hours, we were listening to George Jones.  The really random cuts, like his 80’s albums “Shine On” and “Yesterday’s Wine.”  We were sad because George had recently died...


Producer's Notes - The Wellspring - "She Thinks I Still Care"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Dov Rosenblatt and Talia Osteen of The Wellspring

The Wellspring is a Los Angeles duo that I don’t know how I learned about, but I do know which song of theirs hooked me on their sound...


Producer's Notes - Shawn Smith - "The Ghost of Another Man"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Another high school/college hero of mine is Shawn Smith.  I listened to his Pigeonhed “Full Sentence” album almost every day after it came out back in the late 90’s.  Last year I got into his solo work when I was directing a movie, and used one of his songs in the trailer...


Producer's Notes - Brush Prairie - "Tennessee Whiskey"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Zia McCabe and Brush Prairie at the George Jones tribute concert in Portland, Oregon 2013

Somewhere along the line I became aware that Zia McCabe had a country band of her own, Brush Prairie.  Of course I remember seeing Zia in the Dandy Warhols about 50 times growing up in Portland...


Producer's Notes - Stephanie Lynn - "He Stopped Loving Her Today"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Ezra and I knew this compilation would be incomplete without “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” but with a month to go, no one had stepped up to tackle it...