Producer's Notes - Bert Sperling - "If You Couldn't Get the Picture"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

I recorded the vocals in one take.  No overdubs.  Right after that I went home and got deathly sick for the next 3 days.

Ezra and Jay Leaver and Keith McCarthy laid down the other tracks when I was in bed, sending me updates and pictures throughout the process.  I’ll never forget...


Producer's Notes - Lewi Longmire & the Portland Country Underground - "Still Doin' Time"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Lewi Longmire & Portland Country Underground at the Deer Lodge in Portland, Oregon

I had come up from L.A. for some of the sessions at the Deer Lodge, and on the last night of my stay Lewi and the boys from the Portland Country Underground came through to record their tune...


Producer's Notes - Sassparilla - "White Lightning"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Sassparilla is one of the bands that I’d heard of on the Portland scene with a great following and unique character, but I really hadn’t gotten into their music.


Producer's Notes - Copper & Coal - "Walk Through This World With Me"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Copper & Coal was the first session I was there at the Deer Lodge for, and it was a nice smooth beginning to my time in Portland...


Producer's Notes - Hank Sinatra - "I Always Get Lucky With You"


Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

My dad performs under the name Hank Sinatra.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there for his session at the Deer Lodge...