Producer's Notes - Brush Prairie - "Tennessee Whiskey"

Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Zia McCabe and Brush Prairie at the George Jones tribute concert in Portland, Oregon 2013

Somewhere along the line I became aware that Zia McCabe had a country band of her own, Brush Prairie.  Of course I remember seeing Zia in the Dandy Warhols about 50 times growing up in Portland, they were really heroes to Ezra and I… they helped shape a lot of our high school experience.

Bert Sperling and Zia McCabe at the George Jones tribute concert at the Landmark Saloon in Portland, Oregon

So I Facebooked Zia and right away she said she was in.  Getting the track done was down to the wire though, as Zia was on a DJ tour in Europe.  Later she admitted to me that when she’d emailed that they were “almost done” with the track, they hadn’t even started!  Oh Zia, we love you.

But she and Nalin Silva and company did a beautiful job on “Tennessee Whiskey,” recorded at Revolver Studios in Portland.

There’s one moment when she sings, “… you didn’t waste it…” that is just so tender, it really touches your heart through the speakers.  It was a perfect song to pick.

Here's George doing "Tennessee Whiskey" at Farm Aid in 1985, with David Allan Coe:

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